Dear Families,
Wishing you a wonderful long weekend with your family and friends!  I've heard some students going away camping and to their cottage.  Here's to sunshine and blue skies!  I will be spending time in my yard, cleaning out my gardens and mowing my lawn.  Looking forward to being outdoors!  But first, I will be tuning into the Royal wedding tomorrow morning!!  Will you be?!  I can't wait!  Set those alarms nice and early everyone!  Congratulations to the happy couple!

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Fun Fair Basket:
Thank you to ALL the families who donated items for our fun fair themed basket.  We appreciate your time, efforts, and generosity!  A special thank you to Mrs. Schywiola (Jonah grade 4) a parent volunteer who donated some items for our basket.  Your thoughtfulness is cherished!

Wye Marsh:
Yesterday, we had the pleasure of having a Wye Marsh instructor named Jennifer come to our school to teach my students about biodiversity and animal adaptations.  Jennifer even brought in some friendly animals to share which was a huge hit!  There was even a SNAKE!!  Check out the pics below of our exploration and learning!

Our next in-class visit will be on May 31st and we will visit the Wye Marsh on Jun. 6th for a field trip!  Stay tuned for permission forms coming home.

Annie Jr.
If you had the opportunity to see this performance, you can agree that it was absolutely outstanding!  Congratulations to everyone involved!  I was in awe of our students talents - wow!  A huge thank you to my colleagues Mrs. O and Mr. Durance for their countless hours and expertise in helping mentor and guide our students!  We are so fortunate to be at a school that promotes The Arts in such a meaningful and memorable manner!  I'm going to my third performance tonight!  Gooo Nighthawks! 

The grade 3's, will be writing their EQAO assessment the week of May 28th.  Please take time to read over the parent note and pamphlet that I sent home yesterday in the agenda.  Any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach me via email or the school. 

I have shared with my students that this assessment is a celebration of their stars (strengths) and arrows (next steps).  I will ensure to provide a very calm, supportive, and relaxed environment for the kids during this process so everyone feels a sense of ease and comfort.  I am proud of my grade 3's who have worked hard from the beginning of the school year to improve their reading, writing, and multi-step problem solving skills in mathematics.  We have been diligent in class to prepare for this assessment so there should not be any surprises for them.  I have every confidence each child will put in their personal best and that is all I am looking for :) 

Our next focus in math will be about movement and patterns in geometry that involve translations (slides), reflections (flips), and rotations (turns).  Students will also be learning about patterns that use these movements.  The goal for your child will be to identify and perform a variety of flips, slides, and turns independently, and to compare, extend, and create a variety of patterns involving 2-D geometric shapes and their movements.  Please try out some of the at home activities suggested in the note that will come home next week!  Thank you for your ongoing support everyone!

Field Trip:
On Tues. May 22nd, the grade 3's will be going to the Simcoe County Museum to help reinforce their learning in Social Studies about Pioneer life.  If you have volunteered to join us on this trip, thank you very much!  You may meet us at the regular 9:00 a.m. bell at our portable and then you may decide if you'd like to join us on the bus or drive and meet us there.  Either way is fine :) 

Students should pack a lunch, dress for the weather, bring a hat, and sunscreen if needed.  Looking forward to Tuesday! 

Spirit Day & Respect Assembly:
Our next character recognition and spirit assembly will be taking place next Fri. May 25th at 1:40 p.m.  All families are welcome to attend.  Mrs. O's kids will be leading this assembly and I know they have worked so hard on this and it will be fabulous!  Students are asked to dress up in their best BEACH WEAR!  Summer's approaching, let the goood times rooooooll!

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Growth Mindset:
"Be you, not someone else because you're AWESOME!" - Sydney

I love this video, song, and message!!  I think you will too :)  How many acts of kindness did you see in the video?  Discuss each specific one as a family.

Miss Gill


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