Dear Families,

First off, I would like to say thank you to all the students and their parents for taking the time to visit our Classroom Blog each week!  It is an opportunity to listen, learn, see, and celebrate what's happening in our Learning Community!  I'm encouraging you to continue to do so as your child is working extremely hard to improve his or her achievement academically, socially and behaviourally to put in their personal best to help them REACH FOR THE TOP! 

This week, we spent time learning about collecting, displaying, and explaining data (information) gathered from a survey question.  We as a class conducted a simple survey about right and left handed people in our class.  We gathered the data using a tally chart and then displayed it using a simple bar graph.  We are learning to include the important features of this type of graph, namely a title, scale, and labels on the x and y axis.  An important part of data collection is then being able to explain what the graph tells us.  Next week, I will have students create their own survey questions and collect the data from their peers.  Many are eager to begin this process!  It will be neat to see what kinds of questions they come up with J Stay tuned!   

We had an exciting opportunity in health this week!  Students have been working really hard on their Water posters and it was time for us to go around the school to hang these up to help promote and encourage EVERYONE about the importance of drinking water daily.  Group members picked a specific area in the school to hang up their final product.  Check it out below :)  I think this activity will positively affect others around our school!  

School Milk Program:
I am posting this information below for those families who may wish to participate in our
School’s Milk Program J 

For over 30 years, the Elementary School Milk Program has provided children with fresh, cold milk at school.  You may even remember it from your own childhood.  Today, almost a million children in Ontario receive milk, packed with 16 essential nutrients at school each day.  That’s almost a million children a day who are more likely to meet their bone-building needs.  Participating in the Elementary School Milk Program is an easy way to add a serving of milk to your child’s day.  Visit the link below to learn more.

Spirit Day & Character Recognition Assembly:
Friendly reminder about our Spirit Day and Assembly next Friday.  Please have your child dress in Halloween colours such as ORANGE, BLACK, and PURPLE to show school SPIRIT!  Our assembly will take place during period 3 at 11:20-12:10 pm.  All families are welcome to attend.  I will ensure I give notice to the parents whose child is receiving an award.  We are honouring and recognizing all students from K-8 for Cooperation.  I'll be sure to reveal our recipients in next week's post, stay tuned :)  

Growth Mindset Quote:
"Be kind.  Help others.  Be truthful.  Be responsible.  Be a good friend.  Work together.  Play fair.  Share.  Have respect.  BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!"

Miss Gill


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