Dear Families,

Thank you to everyone who participated in our annual Earth Week Activities!!  It was wonderful to see so many students with litterless lunches, boomeranging, LOL-ing (lights out lunches), walking, riding, rolling to school, and battery collection.  Here at Nottawa we care about keeping our Earth green and clean!  Way to everyone!  Below I have included short videos to accompany the various initiatives we took part in!

Due to the weather today, our Earth Day community cleanup, picnic lunch and tree planting will take place next week (Wednesday).  Dress in GREEN then!!  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Math Note:
We have wrapped up our unit on multiplication and division, and your child will be working with fractions.  Students will use fractions to describe parts of a group, parts of a while, and parts of a measure.  They will represent and explain fractions using drawings.  They will also model and describe mixed numbers.  Please try out some of the activities that were suggested in the note that came home earlier in the week :)

Fractions Concentration Game:
The kids had fun practicing their skills with fractions in this memory game.  I have given students a copy of it, so you may wish to try it at home over the weekend!  Remind your child to say the fractional name with the model.  The procedure for the game is in the picture below.

Science Unit Assessment:
Over the past several weeks, we have been learning about strong and stable structures.  I will be providing an assessment on this unit next Thursday.  You may wish to support your child by going over the study sheet I provided today :)  If your child wishes to use the book we used in class to further reinforce concepts taught, please let me know in his or her agenda.  Thank you for your support!

We made up for our groove workshop on Tuesday from that snow day we had two weeks ago!  The instructor linked dance with literacy by sharing read aloud (book).  Ask your child what book she read that helped inspire us in our body movements for the session.  Students in my class love moving there bodies to the beat and rhythm in such creative ways!  After a busy session of groovin', in the end, we always do a mindfulness meditation which helps calm the mind and bodies.  It's personally one of my favourite parts!  I'm share the parents would agree too ;)

Alex & Bailey:
On Monday, Alex shared with us a really cool necklace he made at home and also brought in a real shark tooth and bear claw!!  He also brought in a robot which allowed us to ask it some questions.  The kids had a blast with this!!

Thank you Bailey for bringing in a division notebook to share with the class.  You're really connecting to our learning and it's making a difference!  Keep dividing and multiplying boys and girls!

Can you believe that the McMillan family went skiing on bright, sunny Tuesday May 1st?!  Their club at Craigleith had a day of skiing with proceeds going to our hospital.  What a great way to cap off the ski season!  Rachael loved sharing some pictures of her siblings and her cousins in their spring clothing on the hill!!  Get this, they even went swimming in their outdoor pool afterwards!  We're so lucky where we live :) skiing one moment, and in the bay or home pool the next moment!

A special thank you to Carson for taking such initiative to plan and write a meaningful procedure for the Paint Night Birch Tree art work and creating a fractions poster for our math wall.  He even took the time to print these off at home in colour for his peers for added effect!  I am delighted by his enthusiasm and willingness to go above and beyond what is expected.  Thank you, Carson!  You have inspired your peers :)

Grace & Abby:
These two girls represented our class family at the annual Music Mania festival which took place in Wasaga Beach at Worsley Elementary School.  They had a great time participating!  Their commitment and dedication to our school choir is something we admire and appreciate.  Way to go girls!!

Jump Rope for Heart:
How are those donations coming along?  We encourage you to keep doing your best to collect for this meaningful cause.  Our Jump event will take place next Friday during period 5 and 6.  Any donation BIG or SMALL can make a difference.  Thank you!

What does respect look like, sound like, and feel like?  Please discuss ways you can demonstrate respect with your friends and family :)

Growth Mindset:
"In order to have friends, you need to BE ONE!" - Sienna
Miss Gill


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