Dear Families,

What a “spring” we’ve been experiencing!!  Earlier in the week, it sure looked like and felt like winter!  I hope you all stayed safe while travelling on the roads for work, school, and extra- curricular activities.  Boy am I glad I didn’t take my snow tires off when I had my oil change done.  Hope yours are still on too, we never know what Mother Nature has in store for us.  Keep being safe on those roads and enjoy your weekend!  It's going to be sunny skies and warmer temps - YAY!

Splish!  Splash!  How far we’ve come since the very first week!  We just love spending our Tuesdays at the Y to practice our swimming skills as well as participating in such fun D.P.A. organized by the wonderful staff! 

Multiplication & Division On-Line Math Games:
Below I have posted two links.  The first one directs your child to some fun and engaging online multiplication games to practice their skills in this area.  The second one focuses on division!!  Try them out this weekend J

We’ve discussed in class the following division terms (see bold below).  See if your child can tell you what the dividend, divisor, quotient, and the remainder is in a division question!  

We are currently working on answering division word problems using the 4-Block Problem Solving Method.  Here’s (picture) what I’m looking for in their answers.

Our learning goal this week focused on the following question:  “What Shapes Make Strong Building Frames?  Everyone made a hypothesis (educated guess) and most students guessed that arches (and triangles) are stronger than squares.  We tested it out!  In the end, we did learn that arches are indeed more effective building frames.  The arch held 61 ones blocks and the square only held 14.  Arches are strong because some of the weight resting on them pushes sideways instead of straight down like in squares. 

Art Expo:
Art Expo is coming up on Wed. Apr. 25th between 2:15 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Our gym will be turned into a beautiful art gallery where a large variety of artwork will be displayed from various classes.  Ms. McNichol (your child’s art teacher) has worked hard with my students to create pieces which are heart-soaring!  Our school band and the choir will be performing some songs as well beginning at 4:00 p.m. Come on out to support the Arts!!

Optimism Assembly:
Our next character recognition awards assembly will take place next week on Thurs. Apr. 26th during period 5 from 1:45 - 2:30 p.m.  All families are welcome to attend!  We look forward to seeing Mrs. Hammond's grade 2's lead this assembly.  
It is also NEON COLOUR DAY!  So wear your brightest clothing from head to toe, everyone!!

Jump Rope for Heart:
During period 5 today, we had our annual kick-off assembly for Jump Rope for Heart.  This is a very important and meaningful program to help raise awareness and funds for those who suffer from a heart condition. 

Nottawa has participated in this fundraising for 20+ years and has raised $124,000!

Isn’t this absolutely amazing!?  I was so moved by this when the presenter shared this fact with us!  Nottawa’s students and families are so empathetic and caring :)  All forms will be handed out on Monday, so please stay tuned!

Ask:  What was the author’s message in this video?  What clues did you see and hear that made you think this?  Discuss as a family!

Growth Mindset:
“Any age, any size, you can accomplish most things you put your mind to!” – Carson

Miss Gill


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