Dear Families,
First off, I would like to say I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving long weekend with your loved ones!  In class, I look forward to hearing about your family's 'Thankful Stone' sharing experience.  Students were extremely excited to bring home their 'Thankful Bags' and share the contents inside with you!  I know many of you will cherish your child’s Thankful Letter.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as your child enjoyed writing it this week.  As I conferenced with students to offer feedback, I was deeply touched by their thoughts, words, and actions in their heartfelt message to you!  Check us out below as we did a Thankful Stone sharing as a class family about all the things we're grateful for in our life!

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Roth for the HEART shaped stone!

Thankful Bags
Meet the Teacher Night:
It was an absolute joy meeting and connecting with all the parents who were able to come meet me, see our classroom, and rejoice in all the wonderful new learning your child is partaking in thus far this school year!  I have every confidence that together we will continue meeting your child's academic, social, and behavioural needs.  Your support is greatly valued and cherished.  If at any time you wish to contact me, please do not hesitate to!  I can be reached via the agenda, phone call at the school (705. 445. 1827), or by email:  It's going to be a GREAT year!!

Our learning goal in science will focus on Forces and Movement.  Please read over the expectations as this is what I will be covering in class.  
Students will:
  • identify force as a push or pull by one body on another
  • investigate the ways in which different forces can change the speed or direction of a moving object
  • identify objects, devices, and systems in everyday life that are affected by forces and movement and explain in what ways they are useful to us
On Day 1's from 9:00 - 10:00 a.m.,  Ms. Mitchell teaches the students art.  She has been enjoying the class very much and has been creating lessons and activities that are creative and engaging!  Check out their nature art from this week! 

Special pieces by Faith :)  Thank you for sharing with me!
Our learning goal in health will focus on Healthy Living.  Please read over the expectations as this is what I will be covering in class.  
Students will:
  • identify healthy foods and classify them by food groups
  • describe the benefits of healthy goof choices, physical activity, and healthy bodies
  • describe a variety of ways to prevent tooth decay (E.g., brushing, making appropriate food choices, rinsing the mouth)
This week in  health, we discussed the importance of water consumption and why we must drink it every day.  Students then worked with a partner to begin creating a poster with a logo, slogan, images, and words to encourage others about the benefits of drinking water!  They are working hard on these, and when we are finished, we will then put them around the school to encourage the whole school to make the right choice when choosing a liquid to remain hydrated!

Why Choose Water First? 
  • sugary drinks are the single largest source of sugar in most kids' diets
  • children need water to stay hydrated and healthy
  • water contains no sugar, calories, caffeine, or added ingredients and it's FREE
  • drinks that contain added sugar risk replacing foods that children need and add extra calories to children's diets
  • sugar sweetened drinks are the single largest source of sugar in children's diet
  • too much sugar contributes to chronic disease including heart disease, dental cavities, and type 2 diabetes
  • when children are used to consuming water at a young age, they are more likely to drink water later in life
  • from ages 4 to 18, around 20% of the calories children and teens consume comes from  beverages
WATER DOES WONDERS! Check this link out!

TumbleBook Library Premium:
As many of you know, reading is an essential tool that we must value, embrace and keep working on daily.  In class, we read everyday either guided (with the teacher), shared (as a whole class), or independently (by yourself).  Each day, students look forward to our D.I.R.T. (aka Daily Independent Reading Time) times as it's an opportunity to snuggle up and read :) During this time, I conference with certain students to provide them with extra support and give feedback to improve their achievements.

I would like to share an excellent online reading resource that I will be using in class and you may wish to use it at home too to encourage the JOY OF READING!  On this websitet, there are numerous fiction and non-fiction texts available that I know your child will enjoy!  Check it out!
Username:  simcoescdsb
Password:  reads

Growth Mindset:

Miss Gill


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