Dear Families,

Here we are at the end of our first week of April!  They say, "April showers (or SNOW in our case) bring May flowers!"  Let's hope!  It sure was a mixed bag this week with rain and snow.  Enjoy your weekend!  I’m heading to the gym (Mozomo) after school to get my D.P.A. in!

Grade 3 Swimming:
On Tuesday, the grade 3's went swimming!  They sure loved it!  The YMCA did an excellent job organizing their gym time and swim lessons.  I have so many amazing swimmers in the class, I was impressed!  Lucky them, they get to go another 3 weeks!  This is a very meaningful program as it offers "A Swim to Survive." I could sure use a lesson or two myself ;)

Math Game:
Thank you to the families who consistently are taking the time to support your child’s learning in ALL subject areas, but in particular with their math by reading my monthly math letters that come home.  It is making a difference!  As you’re aware, we are learning about multiplication and division.  Please have your child visit their Mathletics account over the weekend to complete some of their course work I’ve assigned, it links to what we’re doing in class J

Today, I introduced a new math game called ‘Making Arrays.”  Students worked in pairs on this and had so much fun!  I have sent home some graph paper with your child to play with you over the weekend.  Ask them how to play, I’m optimistic they’ll know how!  Remember boys and girls, it’s a procedure!  The winner is the one with the largest “area” covered. 

I have shared with students to access their google drive accounts to share with you their “Exposition” pieces of writing.  Check them out!  You’ll be impressed with some of their reasons, I’m sure!  

Groove Dancing Sessions:
We have an exciting opportunity coming up on Fri. Apr. 13th and Mon. Apr. 16th!  Thank you to Mrs. Kutcy for organizing this dancing event for us all to enjoy!  Students will participate in two Groove Dance Workshops.  Groove is a program which helps promote inclusion, creativity, self-expression, and encouraging everyone to be themselves – celebrate WHO YOU ARE!  Please have your child wear clothing that is comfortable and suitable for this type of activity (e.g., jogging pants, tights, t-shirt, shorts).  It’s sure to be a groovin’ time!

Have I mentioned I love my class?!  They’re so keen, engaged, and excited about ALL our learning!!  Alrighty, the pictures say it all in this sharing!  The kids were pumped with Bailey’s catapult!  We even got together and linked this experience to measurement!  Next week, we’ll have a friendly challenge to see who can launch the ball the furthest using the catapult and measure it using metre sticks.  We did a little practicing yesterday!  I wonder if anyone will land at 3M?!  Stay tuned J

Yesterday, Aurora came to school to share some photographs of her baby chicks that hatched at her house.  Her brother’s is named Meep and hers is Snow.  They are so cute!  I’m so proud of you for taking such good care of all your animals at home. You’re becoming quite the responsible girl!

I made a connection to Aurora’s sharing and showed the kids a video of when I taught at Connaught Public School (2007-2012) and had the opportunity to hatch baby chicks too!  It was an unforgettable experience and one I have many fond memories from!  You know who you are – wink, wink, nudge, nudge - my dearest Mrs. Roth!!  Check out the video in the link below.


Happy 9th Birthday, Nate!!  Thank you for sharing some sweet treats with us ALL!  They were delicious!  Have a blast at your party at KIDD’N AROUND tonight!

Growth Mindset:

“Even if you feel sad or down, take the courage to say something because you’re AWESOME!” - Aurora

Students love watching, listening, and learning from our daily Mindfulness videos that are shared through our new morning announcement program which we do using google slides.  Each week, I will share one of the mindfulness videos with you so you too can enjoy them with your family!! Click the video below to access our favourite one from this week!!  Enjoy J


Miss Gill


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