Dear Families,

What a beautiful week it’s turned out to be!  The sunshine and warmth are welcomed and we as a class took advantage of this to spend some time outside in the outdoor classroom to do our work.  The kids love being in nature and are so wonderful because they remain accountable (on task) and help each other!  Check us out!

Dance Routines:
In dance, everyone is working hard in their groups to practice their routines which they will perform for Mr. Morin in the coming weeks.  I will be providing a gym class or two for prep time as well.  During my planning time, I caught some kids in the hallway being accountable and doing their part to ensure they're making the most of their dance period.  I was delighted to see this!!

Character Recognition Assembly:
Yesterday during period 5 and 6, we had an assembly to celebrate all the students who have demonstrated OPTIMISM - "We believe we can do it!"  Congratulations to Aurora and Zach N. for always believing in themselves and their abilities to persevere even through challenging tasks. Your determination and dedication to getting the job done is valued.  Well done!

Also at the assembly, it was great to see so many Nighthawks decked out in their NEON BRIGHT colours to show their school spirit!  Way to go Nottawa!!

Art Expo:
What a fantastic day celebrating the creative and unique works of art by ALL our students here!  The gym lit up as it was colourfully vibrant with such beautiful pieces.  We truly have a very talented group of Nighthawk children!

A special thank you goes out to Ms. McNichol who worked hard with the class to produce their Olympic inspired art work!!

Thank you to all the families and friends who visited our Expo, it meant a lot to all of US!  A special thank you to Mr. Morin, Mrs. O, and Ms. Stewart for show casing their hard work of their skilled musicians and singers!  The band, ukulele players, and choir performed beautifully!  Our eyes, ears, and heart are filled with JOY!  Way to go!!  

On Tuesday, it was our last day of the “Swim to Survive” program.  We all really enjoyed this experience during the month of April.  Congratulations to all my grade 3’s who have graduated from primary swimming and will have other junior activities to look forward to next year! 

Nottawa Earth Week:
The Green Team has planned a week of activities to celebrate and help our Earth!  Our tasks will begin on Monday!  I sent home a note earlier in the week about this and I encourage you to keep it posted on your fridge so your child remembers what’s happening each day J  

Below, I have listed all the initiatives planned with a brief outline of each so you too can help encourage your child to participate!

Monday - Boomerang and LOL lunch (all week)
·         Everything that comes in your lunch, goes home, except compost
·         LOL means turn out the lights during lunch (which we do regularly in our class)

Tuesday - Walk, Ride or Roll to School
     Let's try and save energy and get a little exercise

Wednesday - Plastic Water Bottle Free Day  
·         Put those plastic water bottles in the blue bin
·         Clean up that reusable bottle we all have sitting in the cupboard and fill it up with some delicious         tap water.  You won't find any residual plastic in that water

Thursday - Battery and Cell Phone Collection
·         The Green Team will make sure they don't end up in landfill

Friday - Earth Day Picnic and Tree Planting
·         WEAR GREEN!  Take your class outside and enjoy a picnic lunch and be part of our tree planting
·         All students and staff are asked to wear green to show our commitment to the environment

Stay Green Nottawa!! 

Fun Fair Silent Auction Classroom  Baskets:
A great way to help with our Nottawa School Fun Fair is to donate to your classroom "theme basket."  Each classroom has chosen a theme to fill a large basket that will be auctioned as part of the Fun Fair Silent Auction.  

Our class' theme is D.P.A. (sports).  You can start sending items to school with your child at any time.  All items need to be collected NO LATER THAN Thurs. May 17th.  Thank you for your donations everyone!!

Jackson, Carson, and Bailey:
Thank you boys for sharing about your experiences.  Jackson and Bailey connected their sharing to science by building lego structures and Carson talked about the fun he had seeing the Harlem Globetrotters.  We did a unit of basketball in gym, so he showed us some of the unique tricks the players performed.  Sooo cool!

Thank you Sydney and family for providing our class with much needed Kleenex boxes!  Your thoughtful and generous ways are appreciated!!

What character trait is being displayed at the end of the video?  Discuss a time when you demonstrated loyalty towards a friend or family member :)

Growth Mindset:
“Always be nice to others in a thoughtful way.” – Paige
Miss Gill


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