Dear Families,

The second week of April has come and gone!  It's a wet one out there.  Stay warm and dry everyone!  We had another busy, yet productive week at school.  So much engaging, fun, and interactive learning happening in and out of our classroom!  Check it out :)  


Paint Night:
On Tuesday evening, we had an amazing event in our school gym!  Thank you to our parent council members for organizing a paint night for our students and their families.  It was a sold out experience!  Here are some of the beautiful creations from our class!  Thank you to Mrs. Jackson (Nate's mom) and Mrs. Fox (Carson's mom) for sharing these pics with me as I was unable to attend.  The kids who went said they had great time.  Carson is in the process of writing up a procedure for this paint night which he'll share with his peers once he's done it so they too can make a painting similar to the ones below.  As always, thank you for thinking about your classmates and taking this initiative!

International Day of Pink:  
On Wednesday, students and staff wore pink to support Anti-Bullying!  The International Day of Pink is an anti-bullying event held annually on the second Wednesday of April.  Please check out the video below to learn about how this day started.  To continue honouring this act of kindness, we here at Nottawa will wear PINK annually to show our support!  Way to go boys and girls!

Supporting the Humboldt Broncos:
On Thursday, we took time as a school to express our love, support, and prayers for all those affected by the bus crash.  My words cannot even begin to express how horrific this tragedy was for all those involved and affected by it.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the players and their beloved families during this painful time.  Thank you to all the students and staff for showing and sharing your support by wearing a jersey or green attire.  We will always remember you.  Sending peace and love from our hearts to yours!  All schools in SCDSB also had their flags at half-mast this week as a sign of our respect.  Please check out the video tribute below.

Honouring the Humboldt Broncos:
In writing, I had the students use google docs to write a special message with words and images for the Bronco players and their families.  They are so heartfelt and meaningful!  You will have the opportunity to see your child's at the upcoming Art Expo which will take place on the 25th.  Stay tuned :)

In science, the kids worked in groups of three to participate in a Stability Challenge!  They have learned that the stability of a structure means its ability to maintain balance and stay in a fixed spot.  Structures must stand up against a force like wind, snow, hail, tornados, etc.  They had to use toothpicks and modelling clay to make a design and structure.  I created a mock earthquake (shaking and banging a desk) and wind (the air blowing out from our heater) to test the stability of their creations.  Congratulations to Carson, Zach N.W., and Rachael's group for having the most stable one!

Dance Project:
In dance, my class is working hard on a dance project called a "Lip Sync Battle."  They are working in groups to perform a song and dance.  Ask them about this!  Mr. Morin will be assessing and celebrating their performances!  I will also be giving them time during our gym periods to practice.  I have a class full of wonderful dancers!
Dance Groups:
Shooting Stars
Dance Kids
Groovin’ Kids
Spirit Champs
The Diamonds
Zach N.
Zach N.W.

Catapult Challenge:
On Monday, we completed our friendly catapult challenge!  Thanks so much Bailey for letting us keep your structure at school over the weekend.  Students were eager to see who could reach the goal of 3 metres!!  Everyone had an opportunity to be a launcher and expert measurer.  Congratulations to our winners!
·         1st Place: Jackson at 3m 32cm  =  332cm
·         2nd Place:  Bryce at 3m 22cm  =  322cm
·         3rd Place:  Zach N.W. at 2m 80cm  =  280cm
·         Honourable Mention:  Nate at 2m 70cm  =  270cm

Annie Jr.
Many junior and intermediate students have been working hard in drama club to get ready for our upcoming presentation of Annie Jr. at the Gayety Theatre in Collingwood. Tickets are now available online at

Simply click on the 'buy tickets' link, find our Annie Jr. poster, and choose either the Thursday or Friday evening performance.  Tickets are $10 each. Students attending Nottawa E.S. will be going to see the play on Wednesday May 16th in the morning at which time family will not be able to attend. We would like to see a full house for our students so get your tickets soon and thank you for your support!​

Nottawa E.S. Newsletter:  
On Tuesday, Mrs. Metheral published our latest school newsletter on our website.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to check it out, please do so (see link belwo).  This April Newsletter & Calendar contains information regarding upcoming important dates.

Carson & Aidan:
Carson and Aidan had a play date last week and during their time together, they decided to practice and reinforce some math concepts they learned from school – how coooooool!  I love it when my students take their learning home and then want to eagerly share it back in our portable with their peers.  The boys used shape magnets to create nets to form 3-D figures and also explained the geometric properties of their creations!  At the end of their sharing, we all wanted to create a challenge where we had to try to build a structure using all the figures, and WE DID!  Check it out J  See the excitement in their expressions!

Groove Dancing:
We had a wonderful time during period 3 groovin' and bustin' our dance moves!  The Groove program is a powerful one!  It is all about embracing and celebrating our similarities and differences - be creative, be unique, BE YOU!  Today, we were the Nottawa DanceHawks and we sure had a blast expressing ourselves through body and movement :-)  At the end of this session, we had a 10 minute mindfulness meditation as a whole group, it was so soothing and relaxing.  

Our next GROOVIN' TIME is on Monday during period 5 (1:45 - 2:30 p.m.)  Please have your child wear their comfortable clothing again!

Growth Mindset:

“Be good to the Earth!  It’s our home and nature’s too!”  Earth Day is coming soon! – Bailey



Miss Gill


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