Dear Families,

As we enter into our March Break, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a safe, enjoyable, and rejuvenating break with your loved ones!  Some of my students have mentioned that they've going away and that their week off is jam-packed with activity, that's terrific!!  In the past, I've been to Florida with a dear friend, however, this year that isn't the case, but I am planning on enjoying all the wonderful and fun winter activities that Collingwood has to offer.  Rest and relaxation will also be part of my break!  I am very much looking forward to hearing all about the special things your child did with YOU!  Although, we won't be at school, I wanted to also wish you a HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY

Everyone enjoyed Spring Movie Day in their PJ’s with their various stuffies!!  Check us out rockin’ our cozy attire!!

Guess what everyone, we've published our latest school newsletter on our website.  Congratulations to our 2nd place speech winner. A message from our Drama Club, Good Food Box information and much more!  Put your feet up and relax with our must read March 2018 Newsletter and Calendar.  Click the link below!

Speech Presentations & Peer Feedback:
Thank you boys and girls for all your hard work on your speech presentations this week!  For your first experience, you ALL DID VERY WELL!  It was a complete joy watching and listening to you as you prepared with your peers in different corners of the classroom.

Rachael added props for her speech - way to go!
During each presentation, I had everyone work with a partner to write down specific FEEDBACK (a star and arrow comment) to help celebrate everyone's achievement!  We all have things we do well and areas of improvement.  I hope students will keep their feedback that they received so they can use this when they're in grade 4 and 5 next year and build upon their growing skills!   

Math Challenge:
Today, we had the pleasure of having Mr. Perry visit our classroom to watch, listen, and learn what we're doing in math class.  I organized my lesson into a friendly math challenge!  They love when I do this.  Students worked in groups of 3 to plan, design, and construct a prism of their choice using only 10 straws and modelling clay with a time cap of 20 minutes.  Here's the challenge part - the winning group was the one whose prism could hold the most weight!  We used base-ten blocks and a scale to measure the mass in grams.  Congratulations to Sienna, Bryce, and Zach N. for having the prism which held the most weight at 213 grams!!!  Second place was Carson, Aurora, Avraham, and Abby weighing in at 139 grams.  It was such a fun and engaging lesson and one in which ALL students enjoyed and learned lots! 

This term, Mr. Morin is teaching the students dance!  During his classes, he is encouraging the children to wear clothing that is comfortable to do this activity such as jogging pants, shorts, and a t-shirt.  Dance takes place on Day 5's so please have your child come prepared on these days.  Thank you for your support in this learning.  Mr. Morin will be so pleased!  

Thank you Paige for taking your learning of 2-D shapes and 3-D figures home and then coming back to school to share your creations!  I really like how you used materials like straws and electrical tape to make a prism, pyramid, and triangle.  Great job extending your thinking and writing a paragraph about your shapes and solids too!!  Next time you can include numbers in your work by sharing the geometric properties (faces, edges, vertices) of each solid.

Here he is again!  Planning, building, and creating - way to go, Bailey!  You certainly have a passion for making things and you always connect your creations to what we're learning in class!  As a next step, I'd like to see you write about what you made and share this with your peers too.  I know it'll inspire them!

Also, thank you Bailey and family for providing our class family with a POT OF GOLD today!  Your peers and I loved the sweet treat! Mmm :-)

Thank you to Carson and his family for their generous and thoughtful donations for our production of Annie Jr.  More donations are welcome to help out this amazing production set to take place in May!  Items requested are: pajama bottoms, night gowns, plain dresses, and blankets.

I'd like to share an awesome reading website that you may wish to explore over the March Break - the first month is FREE for you to check it out and see if it's a good fit for your child. There are many fascinating books online, it's like having your very own virtual library at your fingertips! Reading is thinking and I'm encouraging all my students to continue reading, reading, READING during the week off to help further develop their fluency and comprehension skills.  

Plus, what's more relaxing than a quiet space, snuggling up and enjoying a good book :) Hard copies are great, but as you know, we're in a digital age now, so I know many children like to use their devices.  I always encourage students to use their technology in meaningful ways to help them learn, and this site will assist in directing your child to using that Ipad not solely for gaming, but reading too!  Here's the link:

Avraham & Kody:
I would like to take a moment to wish two very kind and cooperative students all the best as it was their last day with us.  Kody will be attending Connaught Public School (my former school as a teacher and student ;) after March break and Avraham will spending some quality time with his family in Florida.  Good luck boys!  We will miss your positive spirit and sweet smiles!! 


Guess who's back after the Break?!  We can't wait to hear ALL about your South African advenures!  Wishing you a safe flight home with your family!! 

Growth Mindset:
“Care for others.  Be a buddy, NOT A BULLY!” - Aidan


Miss Gill


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