Dear Families,

I hope everyone enjoyed their Family Day weekend!  Can you believe it's been 10 years since this has been implemented?  I'm so happy we recognize and celebrate this as family is of utmost importance to me as I am sure it is to you as well!   

Today was dedicated to promoting and acknowledging Bullying Prevention!  This is an issue that is near and dear to my heart and as your child's teacher, I am reinforcing the importance of creating, building upon, and maintaining happy hearts in and out of our classroom. 

Our Community of Learners Agreements help guide us every day - Attentive Listening, Mutual Respect, NO PUT DOWNS, Right to Participate, Right to Pass.  We regularly refer to these agreements as a reminder for us all to treat our peers, friends, and family with kindness, dignity, and respect.  I feel this will help in creating a happy, safe, and caring world. 

I believe in all my students and their abilities to reach out to do their part in making a positive difference for our today and tomorrows ... together we can help put an END TO BULLYING!!!

Activity:  Happy to Scarred Hearts:
In our class, I shared an activity to help us create an awareness to the harmful effects of how deeply affected one can be when they are put down and bullied.  I drew a heart on a piece of paper.  Next, we observed the 'Heart' and talked about how it was feeling.  Many replied, “Happy, loved, respected.”  Then, I showed them a crumpled up paper and placed it in front of us.  Finally, we opened up the heart to see what it looked like.  Following this observation, we had a powerful discussion of how once you hurt someone's heart (feelings), you create "wrinkles or scars that remain with that person that are difficult to heal and bring back to its original happy state." 

We also discussed the term "Bystander" and what it means.  A bystander(s) is a person or group of people who see bullying happening yet don't do anything to help.  In other words, they witness the bullying and walk away which ultimately continues and promotes this unkind cycle of hatred.

As a class we made a plan and signed "The Pledge to End Bullying" to help do our part!  My class is a beautiful, loving community of learners and it is our hope we will continue to be so and encourage each other as well as other students in our school about the importance of NO PUT DOWNS!  

In addition, I had the students create their own paper heart and write down a message using the following sentence starter:  “I will end bullying by …” Take a moment to ask your child what his or her statement is.

Here are some of the boys and girls responses!  Look at ALL the powerful thoughts!  We talked about the importance of now putting our thoughts into our words, and more importantly into OUR ACTIONS.  It is OUR actions which can ultimately help put a stop to bullying.

"I will end bullying by NOT being a bystander.  I will help out others when they need it."

"I am not a stand by person.  I am a STAND UP person!"

"I will end bullying by talking to the bully and telling them it's wrong."

"I will end bullying by being a do something person, not a bystander.  I won't watch it happen.  I will stop it from happening!"

Character Recognition Assembly:
Today, we had a school-wide Character Recognition assembly celebrating February's character trait which is Inclusiveness - "We always include others in our play, we never send people away."  I selected two students for this award, but could have easily picked numerous others as the children in my classroom have been working hard at being inclusive, most have schema (background knowledge) for not being included, so everyone is doing their personal best to ensure others feel welcome!  Congratulations to Sydney and Zach for receiving the Inclusiveness award!  Well done you two!  I know your families are so proud of you too!

Crossfit Kids Camp:
If you're looking to have your child join a fun, healthy, and active camp this summer THIS IS THE ONE FOR THEM!  I am a member of Crossfit Mozomo and it has been such a significant part of my journey to health and wellness.  Mozomo offers an outstanding program where kids work out in a friendly, safe, and encouraging environment to help them achieve their fitness personal best.  They offer a FREE TRIAL CLASS on Wednesdays or Fridays from 4:30 - 5:10 p.m.  If interested, please email Brenda at 

Visit their WEBSITE:

Thank you Bailey for bringing in and sharing some of the structures you build at home to school.  The BBQ and fishing rod turned out great!  As always, it is inspiring for your peers to watch you create and build!

Congratulations to Rachael on her achievements in her ski races!!  She received a first and second place!  Amazing :)  Continue to do your best!  I am so proud of you!

 Growth Mindset:

With All My Heart & Namaste,
Miss Gill  


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