Dear Families,

It is with an open heart that I wish you all a Happy New Year!!  It was an absolute highlight for me seeing your child's bright, enthusiastic, and warm smile on Monday!  I am delighted to be reunited to continue our journey of learning and growing :) 

I do hope you continue to access my classroom blog weekly as I will continue to provide detailed evidence of what your child is doing at school so that you too can help reinforce these concepts at home. Together we CAN and WILL make a DIFFERENCE in your child's academic progress!

Wishing everyone a safe and happy weekend!  Stay safe on the roads if you have to venture out.  It is quite snowy and icy out there!  

January’s Character Trait:
This month’s character trait is HONESTY – “We will always tell the truth.”  I have encouraged my students to always tell me the truth if they're experiencing any difficulty. Being dishonest only makes a problem / concern escalate and get bigger.  I look forward to reinforcing honesty is the best policy throughout this month through books, media presentations, and student action!  I am delighted to say, our class is filled with trustworthy students, how blessed we all are :)

Honesty Assembly:
Our next character recognition assembly will take place on Thurs. Jan. 25th during period 5 which is from 1:40 - 2:30 p.m.  As always, all families are welcome to attend to celebrate the achievements of our students!  I will be sure to notify the parents of my students who will be recognized.  Stay tuned!

School Newsletter:
A message from Mrs. Metheral.  “We’ve published our latest school newsletter on our school website.  The January 2018 newsletter & calendar are ready for viewing!  Please take a moment to read. Our calendar is a useful tool to print and post on your fridge. Add your items to keep the family up to date on all happenings. Also included are links to resources.”  

Click the link below for accessing our website.  If you do not have access to a computer or device for viewing and wish to have a paper copy of our newsletter, please do not hesitate to let me know in your child's agenda and I will get you one.  Happy browsing and reading!

Math Learning:
Our new unit in mathematics will focus on Measurement.  Your child will be learning how to measure length, time, and temperature.  Students will estimate and compare lengths in centimetres and metres, and they will learn how long a kilometer is.  They will also estimate, measure, and compare the area and perimeter of figures.  When measuring time, they will tell time to the nearest 5 minutes on digital and analog clocks and read thermometers. 

I hope you were able to read over the 'math note' I sent home on Wednesday. :) In it there are suggested activities you can do with your child to help reinforce concepts taught at school.  I will also assign course work on mathletics as well for further practice. 

Procedural Writing Assignment:
Yesterday, I sent home a procedural writing assignment for students to complete at home.  It is designed to be a friendly and fun task for you and your son or daughter to do together.  Although it is not a requirement, if you wish to send in samples of your baked good or food, please feel free to do so.  We have 21 students in our class :) Have fun with this assignment boys and girls!

Speech Writing:
I would like to acknowledge and thank my grade 4 students (also many thanks to the parents for ALL your support too) who have actively been brainstorming, researching, and drafting their speeches thus far.  Some of you shared with me that you used valuable time over your holidays to work on this writing task.  I am so proud of you and can't wait until your presentations!

Although speeches are a grade 4 to 8 assignment, Mrs. O and I will be providing our grade 3's with this opportunity too as it will help prepare students for next year.  I have not assigned this task to the 3's yet because we will be watching and listening to the speech competitions on the 24th as this will give my students a greater understanding of what speeches look like, sound like, and feel like.  After this, we will then begin thinking about our own topics to write a speech :) I'm already hearing some kids buzzing about their enthusiasm to write one which is wonderful to hear!

Below I have tips to guide students for their speech presentations.  Have a look!

KNOW - Know your audience and be sure to pick a topic that members are likely to enjoy.  Make sure word choices are appropriate for your audience. 

BE REAL - Write about things you know.  If you choose a topic you are interested in, chances are your enthusiasm will spill over into your speech.

BRAINSTORM - Carry a rough paper to write on with you at all times.  You never know when ideas, phrases or thoughts for your speech will come to you.  Be prepared to write them down so you won't forget them.

ORGANIZE - Every speech should have a strong introduction, body and conclusion.  Organize your ideas, data and scraps of paper into clear and logical sections.  Anything that doesn't fit into a few major points should be discarded.

REVISE - Chances are the first written draft of your speech won't be perfect.  Read over your speech to revise and edit for content, word choice and timing.

AUDIO EDIT - Read your speech aloud and hear it as the audience will hear it.  Replace any unclear words or phrases with more effective ones.

THINK - Think of an attention getting, sparkling introduction and an impact-making, memorable conclusion to your speech.

KNOW - Practice and time your speech in front of friends, relatives and the mirror. People tend to speak more quickly when they are nervous so keep this in mind when timing your speech at home.

Over the holidays, Aurora took initiative and researched about endangered tigers in the world and displayed her findings on a bristol board to share with her classmates.  Thank you for displaying a valuable learning skill and inspiring your peers!  A job well done, I'm so proud of you!!

Growth Mindset:
"Always share with others." - Jackson

Miss Gill


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