Dear Families,

Well, winter has arrived and it may be here to stay!  Let’s hope as with this weather comes fun in the snow!  I hope you're keeping warm and cozy, hot chocolate by a fire would be ideal!  Mmm, toasty! Have a beautiful weekend with your loved ones!

Over the next 2 weeks, your child will be learning about addition and subtraction.  We will relate subtraction to addition, use mental math, estimate, and add and subtract 2-digit numbers.  We will be using a variety of strategies and the goal will be for your child to be able to apply a strategy to problem solving situations.  Throughout this unit, you and your child can practice some of the suggested activities from the math note I sent home yesterday J

Holiday Concert News:

Just another friendly reminder about our concert.  It will be taking place next week on Wed. Dec. 13th.  Parents are welcome to attend our day or evening performance.  Students are asked to dress in their favourite holiday outfit on this day emphasizing the colours red, white, and green.

Morning Show:  @ 11:20 a.m.
Evening Show:  @ 6:30 p.m. (students are asked to be here by 6:15p.m.)

Our class has been working hard in music classes to prepare for this performance!  Please remind your child to practice singing and playing their recorder to the song “Silent Night” and “It Feels like Christmas.”  It is very important that they are familiar with the lyrics as they will be singing this with Mr. Morin on the 13th.

Empathy Assembly Thurs. Dec. 21st @ 9:15am:
It's an exciting month of performances!  Perhaps your child has already shared with you that our class is leading the Character Education Assembly for Empathy which will be held at 9:15 am on Dec, 21st!  ALL parents are encouraged and welcome to attend!  Mark it down in your calendars. We have been diligently rehearsing in class, but I would appreciate also if students took initiative to practice at home as well so they are familiar with these lyrics and their parts for the drumming. Thank you in advance for your support.

The Nutcracker:
What a performance yesterday!  It was lovely to see some current and former students from our school participate in this show.  Well boys and girls!

Making Edible Christmas Trees:
As part of our Procedural writing, we will be making edible Christmas trees in class and we will be writing about it!  I will be providing most of the materials for this process, but if you would like, you may wish to have your child bring in some delicious toppings such as sprinkles, gummies, and other tiny sweets to put on their trees.  I know they're going to LOVE IT!  Please send in toppings in a zip lock baggy with your child on Fri. Dec. 15th.

Mrs. Shaw's Class:
Thank you to Mrs. Shaw's grade 5 students who took the time and energy to make some special holiday cards and messages for each member of our classroom!  Their act of kindness touched our hearts and we will be paying it forward and ensuring we give back for their caring gesture!  From our hearts to yours, THANK YOU!!

Nottawa's Christmas Post Office:
Mrs. Johnson has once again set up our Nottawa Christmas Post Office in the library!  Doesn’t it look great!?  Thank you for doing this for our whole school to enjoy!  This week, I gave students the opportunity to think of someone at the school to write a letter to.  They’re had fun doing this!  Some have even received a letter from a sibling, peer, or friend and to see their reaction when receiving their note is such a JOY!  We will continue with this letter writing until the Holidays!

Thank you Rachael:
Our class is filled with kind, caring, and compassionate children!  I'm truly the blessed one to be my students teacher.  On Wednesday, Rachael helped Avraham with his school work and has consistently taken the time to ensure her peers are helped when they need it.  She does this all on her own from the goodness of her heart :)  Truly remarkable and thank you for being YOU!  Have fun in Tremblant next week with your family!

Growth Mindset:
"Be who you are and be the best you can be!” - Heather
 Miss Gill 


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