Dear Families,

It was another productive week here at Nottawa Elementary!  As always, staff and students showed excellent spirit for the courage assembly today dressing up in their GREEN attire to help promote and keep our planet green and clean!  Our school's green team did an excellent job delivering their message to reduce, reuse, and recycle EVERYDAY! Together, we can help KEEP our planet healthy!

Character Recognition Assembly:
Today, we had our third character recognition assembly to celebrate November’s character trait of Courage – “We do the right thing, even when it’s difficult.”  Congratulations to our recipients Paige and Bryce.  I am so proud of you both for striving to be the best you can BE in and out of the classroom.  Continue on this path, and you’ll succeed in all that you set out to do!

“There is within each one of us a potential for goodness beyond our imagination for giving which seeks no reward, for listening without judgement, for loving unconditionally.”

December’s Character Trait is EMPATHY – We think about the feelings of others!”

This week, I introduced the concept of using a T-Chart to organize and solve growing patterns.  Students worked in pairs to solve the following questions:
·         How many eyes do we have in the class?
·         How many fingers do we have in our class?

Check out some of their responses below.  Next week, they will work independently to solve patterning word problems and creating their own T-Charts.  Stay tuned! 

This week, we did a procedure on “How to Make Hot Chocolate.”  Students were excited!  Before we made the hot treat, we talked about how to organize our writing by including an appropriate title, goal, materials, instructions, and the evaluation (how the hot chocolate turned out).  I’m sure your child came home and shared with you how yummy it turned out!  Wednesday was a perfect day to enjoy this as it was snowy and cold outside, we warmed up quickly!  After gulping up the hot chocolate, I had students write the procedure in their language notebooks.

Yesterday in science, we did an exciting experiment to learn about buoyancy! I'm sure you''ll be able to sense their enthusiasm by checking out the pictures below :) Students worked in partners to create a boat using aluminum foil to learn about this concept.  They had so much fun with this!  At the end of the lesson, we did a friendly competition to see whose boat could stay afloat using the most weight.  Congratulations to Grace and Aurora whose boat held over 60 marbles!! 

Empathy Assembly:
Some more exciting news!  Our class will be leading next month’s character recognition assembly which will take place on Dec. 22nd at 9:15 a.m.  In preparation for this, we are learning a song or two.  Below I have shared a link to the songs.  I would like for your child to practice the lyrics and actions to help reinforce our class rehearsals.  Thank you!  Carson has graciously shared the links to his peers google drive account too, so your child can access them there as well.  Otherwise, simply click the links below!

Love Can Build a Bridge:

We are the World:

Holiday Concert News:
Mr. Morin and the students are working hard on rehearsing 2 songs for the concert.  Practice sheets came home this week and your child is encouraged to work on these at home to help them prepare for the performance.  Thanks in advance for your support!

Growth Mindset:

“If you don’t think you do well on something, try it, you might do AWESOME!” – Sydney

Miss Gill


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