Dear Families,

I hope you had a wonderful Halloween celebration on Tuesday!  Thank you to Nate's mom for sending a picture of him all dressed up ready to trick or treat!  So sweet  :)  Many students shared with me their excitement and all the fun they had with their family and friends!  I'm delighted to hear everyone was safe and had a blast!

Halloween Celebration:
Thank you to the families of Bailey, Grace, Nate, Sydney, and Carson for taking the time, energy, and loving thought to provide some treats for our Halloween PARTY!  We appreciate and devoured the goodies, YUM!  We need to burn off our energy so we enjoyed a class dance party during period 6!  Many kids have spectacular groovin' thriller dance moves!

School Halloween Fundraiser:
Thank you to all the families who donated a toonie to help support the Georgian Humane Society.  You have and are continuing to make a difference, it is appreciated!!  Our class raised $30.00.  WOWIE!

Halloween Blow Ups Party for Kindergarten to Grade 3:
Another year, Mrs. Kitchener went above and beyond to provide students and staff with an amazing display of Halloween blow ups in our school gym.  This was my second experience with this spectacular event.  I was in awe of the set-up, decorations, spirit, and hard work that was put into this.  A HUGE thank you to Mrs. Kitchener, staff who were involved, and the school spirit squad kids in helping make this event spooooooktacular!

'Success Criteria' for Learning Skills & Work Habits:
This week, I had students work in small groups to collaborate as a team to come up with their own 'Expectations' and 'Criteria' of what each Learning Skill "Looks Like, Sounds Like, and Feels Like."  The purpose of this activity is to encourage students to set their own goals to help them reinforce their strengths and improve their achievement in the areas of:
  • Responsibility
  • Independent Work
  • Collaboration 
  • Initiative
  • Organization
  • Self-Regulation  
We will be referring to their 'Criteria' that they've established throughout the school year!  I believe in the importance and value of having my students' input and voices heard.  I strongly feel this activity will serve as a purposeful tool in helping the kids put effective work habits into place to achieve their personal best in their academic, social and behavioural learning.

Below are some pictures of students working collaboratively to come up with ideas for each learning skill!  We'll have a closer look at these when I see parents for their child's student-led conference the week of Nov. 13th- 17th.  I look forward to it!

It was an exciting time during math this week!  Students had the opportunity to create their own survey question, collect data from their peers, create a graph, and finally, interpret and analyze their findings.  Check them out as they worked in pairs to share their math journals below. 

At home, you may wish to have your child practice making their own survey’s, collecting data from family members, making a graph (pictograph or bar graph), and explaining their findings.  This can help reinforce their learning from this unit of math.

Student-Led Conferences:

Please use the link below to access your child's teachers sign-up sheet regarding the Student Led Conferences during the week of November 13-17th.   Please feel free to call the school if you are experiencing technical difficulty.

November Newsletter:
Mrs. Metheral has worked hard at publishing our latest school newsletter on our school website. November has many events!  A reminder that student absences must be communicated by a parent/guardian. Winter weather is fast approaching, so please read the Inclement Weather/Bus Cancellation procedure.  You may access the newsletter below!  Enjoy :)

Growth Mindset:

“In your heart and your friends’ heart, you can have fun where ever you are!” – Heather


Miss Gill


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