Dear Families,

We have completed our second week of school already?!  Time flies when you’re having fun and the weather has been summer like!  The energy of our staff and students continues to be sunny and bright like the sunshine!  This beautiful climate is supposed to continue into this weekend so I hope you get lots of opportunity to spend time outside to hike, bike, and free play!  I know I will be J

Thank you to those families who have taken the time to check out my last post.  I received positive feedback from parents and students.  I will continue to provide you all with updates and highlights each week. 

My blog is now accessible through our Nottawa School Website:
Click on > classes > Grade 3/4 Pareen Gill and it will direct you to my blog.  I hope this helps.  Happy reading!

G.N.E. Field Trip:
Next Friday, the Grade 3 and 7 students will be going to the G.N.E. for a field trip!  I am sure many of you have taken your families there at some point in the past, but if you haven’t, this is a wonderful opportunity for your child to experience it.  Even if they have attended, please know this revisit will have an emphasis on the curriculum expectations for grade 3 science and social studies.  We will be learning about animal adaptations, the difference between urban and rural communities, life cycles, and much more!  Please sign and return the permission form by:  Tues. Sept. 19th 

If you wish to volunteer for this trip, please note: *all volunteers must have a valid CRC/VSS to attend.  Please contact the school office if you are unsure if you are on the school's approved volunteer list*

Fire Chief for the Day Contest:
Colouring sheets went home for grades JK to 4 to participate in a Fire Chief for the Day contest. The contest winners will: 
  • get sworn into office by the mayor on October 12
  • spend the morning with the Fire Chief 
  • participate in daily activities. 

The colouring sheets are due back to the school no later than Monday October 2.

Nottawa's Terry Fox Run:
​Our Nottawa School Run will take place on Thursday September 28th, from 2:00-3:00 pm. Location is our school track. Our fundraising goal is $1,000.00.  Our fundraising goal is $1000.00. Below you are able to donate directly using the Terry Fox Website.  

School Playground Correction:
Please note that in our original newsletter the time for morning supervision was incorrect. Supervision begins at 8:45 a.m. Please do not drop off your children prior to 8:45am in the mornings unless there is a prearranged time for a school activity or practice.  Thank you.  

Picture Day:
This is just a notice to inform you that our school photo day is on Wed. Sept. 27th.  Retakes will be on Nov. 1st.  Bring those bright smiles and eyes!

This week, we have been learning to represent numbers in a variety of ways.  We have been using place value charts and base-ten blocks to represent numbers 0-100.  Students used their math journals to choose a number and I taught them to show it in 5 different ways.  See if your child can share with you some of the ways they learned to represent their chosen number.  HINT: base-ten block drawings, place-value chart, expanded form, place-value using words/numbers, number word.  If you would like to see your child's math journal, simply write a note in his or her agenda and I can send it home for the evening.

We have also been comparing numbers using the greater than (>) and less than (<) symbols.  I showed the kids a helpful way to remember how to correctly use these signs.  Students created their own Ali the Alligator.  Ask them about this :) Remember boys and girls, Ali the alligator always eats the greater number!”  They are really getting the hang of this concept!  Check out the video link below that I shared in class to reinforce this learning at home.

Our Ali the Alligator creations

This week, I read a book called “Amazing Grace.”  Before I begin reading, I always ask, “Looking at the front cover of the book, what do you predict this story is about?  Why do you think this?”  Making predictions is a reading comprehension strategy that activates the mind prior to reading.  Then, as I share the book, I ask my students to “visualize” – making pictures in their mind as I read.  We then discuss if their images in their minds matched the story J  Visualizing is another important reading comprehension strategy that I’m encouraging students to utilize.  It can deepen their understanding and allows them to connect and make meaning from the story.  We have some active visualizers in our class already!

We have been talking and sharing a lot about what Good Writers do in their writing.  Together, we came up with some effective ideas that we will use when we WRITE!  Students will be required to check over their work prior to handing it in to ensure “It looks right!  Sounds right!  Makes sense!”  Can your child suggest some ideas good writers do?

Book Exchange:
One day a week, students will have an opportunity to sign out a book from the library.  I did a mini-lesson around “Making Good Reading Choices.”  I noticed last week, many students leaned towards choosing books of interest, which is a good thing, but I also want them to be mindful of choosing a “’JUST RIGHT” book.  For example, a “just right” book: perfect choice for grade level, some difficult words but you can learn them, read for enjoyment, become a better reader, read it fluently (sounds like talking).  We made a chart to help us make the right choices.  Check it out below!  When your child comes home with their library book, it is my hope, it will be one that isn’t too easy, isn’t too challenging, but …JUST RIGHT!

Growth Mindset:

Thank you Carson for giving us the "growth mindset" for the week!  I love it!

Miss Gill


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