Dear Families,

Are we seriously in the last week of September!?  The beginning of the week sure felt summer like with record breaking hot temperatures and now it’s eased off and feeling more like the season - fall.  Mother Nature may be playing tricks on us ;) What ever the weather will be like, I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

Character Recognition Assembly:
At the end of every month, we as a school community celebrate a spirit day (today’s was Western Day) and the Character Trait of the month.  Thank you to all the students who showed school spirit and dressed up in their Western attire!  Yee-HAW!!!

This month’s character trait is Caring – “We show kindness towards each other.”  I will take time on the blog to share and honour the recipients. I strongly believe an important part of our learning is to build and instill character in our children.  As a teacher, I do my best to model these traits consistently in my thoughts, words, and actions. 

Today at our assembly, we recognized students from grades K-8 for Caring.  Congratulations to Grace and Nathan for demonstrating caring on a consistent basis!  You are models for 'showing kindness towards your peers and teachers!'  Thank you for setting a positive example in and out of our classroom community!  I am so proud of you both!  

Next month’s character trait is Cooperation - 'We work together to get the job done!'

Rounding Numbers:
This week our learning goal in math was on rounding two-digit numbers to the nearest ten.  We learned how to use a number line to help us.  I am delighted to share that many grasped this concept very well.  Parents, please give your child a number and have him or her build a number line and show you how to round it with an explanation at the end.  We did a math journal entry which gave them practice, so they should be able to share this concept with you :) See example in picture below.

I also introduced a new rounding math game which helped with their confidence.  This year, I will be introducing and teaching many math games throughout our school year as they are engaging, interactive, and FUN!  See students playing with a peer below :)

Rounding Quick Tips Video:
Terry Fox Run:
We had the most perfect afternoon for our Terry Fox Run!  It was delightful to see all staff, students, and some parents come out to do our part in keeping Terry's Dream Alive!  I was touched seeing everyone run, walk, and jog in support of loved ones and Terry Fox.  Thank you to ALL the students and their families for your generous donations!  Our class alone raised $46.00 for the Foundation.  Amazing!!  Together we can all make a difference and help find a cure through raising money for Cancer Research. Unfortunately, more often than not, many of us have been affected by this terrible illness through knowing family members and friends who have fought or are still fighting cancer.  Let us all remain HOPEFUL and COURAGEOUS that one day there will be a cure as this is what Terry Fox would want ... never STOP BELIEVING!!  I give my thoughts, prayers, and well wishes to all those who have been affected.  My heart goes out to you.

In Language, we are learning to build upon our reading and writing skills.  This week, students did a writing piece about Terry Fox's courageous 'Marathon of Hope' which raises awareness about the importance of cancer research.  Ask your child to summarize / highlight the important parts of Terry Fox’s powerful journey and the writing task he or she worked on in class.  There were some students who used the reading comprehension strategy ‘Making Connections’ to connect their life experiences to Terry Fox.  It was amazing to hear their moving experiences and how Terry has impacted their thinking and life.

Also, check out the powerful tribute for Terry that I found online.  I shared it in class and it helped inspire us in our writing pieces.

Nate’s Mom:  
The beginning of the week we were all roasting with the heat wave weren’t we?  Luckily for us, Mrs. Jackson (Nate’s Mom) was so kind, caring, and generous to provide our class with delicious freezies!  We thoroughly enjoyed cooling down with these in our outdoor classroom!?  Mmm, sooo good! Thank you, thank you!!

Growth Mindset:
“Yesterday is history.  Tomorrow’s a mystery.  Today’s the present that is why they call it a gift!”  From: Carson
Miss Gill


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