Dear Families,

Another fun-filled week for us!  I am very pleased with how students have transitioned from their holidays to school mode!  As you’ve probably gathered from my blog updates, we have been go, Go, GO with our learning in class!  Look at how much we’ve accomplished in a mere 3 weeks!  Looking forward to much more learning to be done in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned!

Q.S.P. Fundraiser:  
This week, we had an assembly to help promote our Q.S.P. fundraiser!  The funds from this will go directly to supporting field trip costs.  Extra forms are in the office if you require them.  Any amount of fundraising completed big or small can help!    

Word Study Homework:
Next week, your child will bring home a red duo-tang that contains “Word Study” worksheets for homework.  The expectation I have for this is for students to complete only 1 page each evening.  Sheet one to be completed on Mondays, sheet two Tuesdays, sheet 3 Wednesdays, and sheet 4 Thursdays.  At the end of the school week, there will be a word study test in class.  You may wish to support your child with this by giving them a practice test at home.  Students will have a word study test notebook.  They will bring this home after the weekend.  Please initial their test, leave a comment if you wish, and send it back to school the next day.  Your cooperation and support in our word study program is greatly appreciated!

Extra Math Practice:
Each week, I will also be providing 1 page of math to work on at home to help reinforce what we’re learning in class.  Students are encouraged to complete these sheets independently, however, parental assistance is always welcome if needed to get them started.  The math that comes home focuses on areas that I have taught at school, so they should be familiar with these.  Their extra math practice duo-tang will be handed out on Tuesdays (complete half the questions on Tuesday evening and complete the other half Wednesdays) and please have it returned to school on Thursdays for marking.

At the beginning of every new math unit, I will be sending home a 'Math Note' with your child in his/her agenda bag.  You will have noticed that the first one was sent home the second week of school.  Please take some time to sit down with them to read over the "Learning Goal" and the Strategies/Games suggested that you can do at home to support this new strand of math.  We are currently working on the "Number Sense and Numeration Unit."

Toonies for Terry:
Our school Terry Fox Run will be held on Thurs. Sept. 28th from 2:00-3:00 p.m.  As a school, it is our goal to raise $1,000 for the foundation – we can do it!  Families are encouraged to donate a “Toonie for Terry.”  Together we can achieve our goal!  If you wish, please have your child bring in their money starting Monday.  We have until Thursday to collect all funds J  Thank you for supporting our initiative!

Picture Day Wed. Sept. 27th:
Another friendly reminder that next week on Wednesday it is picture day for staff and students.  Boys and girls, come prepared with your bright eyes and smiles :)  This is an opportunity to get our CLASS FAMILY photographed.  I look forward to it!

G.N.E. Field Trip:
Today, my Grade 3 students and Mrs. O’s class went to the G.N.E. to participate in a science and health related field trip. Every year, the G.N.E runs a very purposeful program for all students.  We got to be part of several amazing learning stations such as Heavy Equipment, Antique Machinery, Horses, Dairy Farming, Little Buckaroos, Sheep Shearing, Soil, and Healthy Snacks!  These stations kept us fully engaged and we came away with many new learnings that I’m sure your child will eagerly share with you over the weekend!  The knowledgeable staff was very warm and welcoming.  For our very first trip so early in the year, my students demonstrated their best behaviour! 

I would like to personally thank my wonderful parent volunteers who took time out of their day to ensure the safety and well-being of my students.  Please know, I could not have done it without your help!  It is greatly valued and we had a successful day because of YOU!  Thank you Mrs. Lund, Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Aldred, Ms. Ainger, and Mrs. Nuttall-Winters!!  It was great to spend time with you and I know my students appreciated you being here for us too! 

Growth Mindset:
Make everyday a DREAM COME TRUE! – Carson

Miss Gill


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